Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Early Ideas

Airborne blimps, flocking, responding to sound, movement.
Acting as projection surfaces or lit from LED's within. Pulsing and forming 3D structures in space, dancing, moving.

It seems nothing is new! from we-make-money-not-art blog: (25/1/06)
ALAVs | Autonomous Light Air Vessels

Whinin close proximity the ALAVs recognize another's presence and commence a flocking behavior. The behavior consists of ALAVs (2 or 3) spinning together and calling back and fourth between eachother. The flocking behavior remains active for 30 seconds or until the ALAVs drift apart. We represent flocking as both near and distant spacial relationships, since an ALAV is aware of the rest of its flock even when not in close proximity.

Internal broadcasting system, producing info-adverts from research database, data-mining, interacting with inhabitants, fictional todays world sequences, visualisation, commisioned artworks, texts.
Multimedia happenings. Responsive to environmental stimuli, mobile phones, emails etc
System Example: Threshold Wave